About Me...

I took one of those online personality tests for no reason. Of course, I'm a skeptic on those. Aren't you? Well, I was corrected when it nailed me!  I am a Defender. I am by nature the one who wants to help others, keep them organized, and listen to their needs.  I am kind and choose empathy over judgement. I genuinely enjoy helping others be successful! Yes, and those are just a few things that test was spot on about.  Geez.

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I am blessed to be married to the same amazing guy for over 27 years!  I married young, right?!  My two inspiring littles are big now at 19 & 22.  However, I still have my fur babies home everyday who love me without the sass.  Above all, Jesus has my heart and my life.  I fell in love with the camera at age 8, and have never stopped pursuing this craft.  A few years back, I discovered that I truly love editing; as in I find complete satisfaction at the close of each catalog. I love uncovering the story of each gallery that is sent my way.  Sometimes, I get the back story from the sender.  The ones I don't, well, I just make up my own.   XO

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