A Photo Editor



Time is so valuable and it's fleeting.

Let me give you some of the clock back, so you can preserve your own family memories, grow your business, or just simply breathe.

The word my clients use the most when they first contact me is tired.

They are tired from juggling all the balls. They feel stretched too thin with not enough hours in the day for life and business. Too many times they have said, "not another story tonight baby, mama has to work." They feel blessed that their business is successful but guilty, because it has meant too many sacrifices for the family. Let me give you some of the clock back.

I have built my business on the foundation of excellent communication, consistent images, and a love for helping creative timeless photographers just like you. 

I will work with you to replicate your edits that are completely custom to your unique style. I guarantee that working with me will feel simple and easy. 

Whether you are a Mastin Fuji lover of soft greens, adore the creamy skin Noble has mastered, desire a good clean foundation, or something dramatic, let's chat!  


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I took one of those online personality tests for no reason.  Of course, I'm a skeptic on those.  Aren't you?  Well, I was corrected when it nailed me!  I am a Defender. I am by nature the one who wants to help others, keep them organized, and listen to their needs.  I am kind, and choose empathy over judgement.  I genuinely enjoy helping others be successful!  Yes, and those are just a few things that test was spot on about.  Geez.

I am blessed to be married to the same amazing guy for over 27 years!  I married young, right?!  My two inspiring littles are big now at 19 & 22.  However, I still have my fur babies home everyday who love me without the sass.  Above all, Jesus has my heart and my life.  I fell in love with the camera at age 8, and have never stopped pursuing this craft.  A few years back, I discovered that I truly love editing; as in I find complete satisfaction at the close of each catalog. I love uncovering the story of each gallery that is sent my way.  Sometimes I get the back story from the sender.  The ones I don't, well, I just make up my own.   XO


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